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Trivium is a hybrid model that serves students by combining an engaging homeschool and classroom experience. Trivium follows the Classical Education model which allows students to experience hands-on learning while focusing on historical time periods and science. TK-6th grade students will focus on grade level Math, Language Arts, Physical Education and electives at home while the in-person classes focus on History, Science, Practical Math, Art, Music, and Social Clubs. Our middle school/junior high students add in the study of Logic/critical thinking.  And, our high school students follow the required California coursework within a Classical Education framework. 
COVID-19 Alterations to Trivium’s Model: 
We have altered our model to give your family a few different options to create the best scenario that fits your families’ need  for Distance Learning. Students will spend anywhere from one hour to six hours a week on live online classes on our virtual platform. Please contact our enrollment team for further information of the choices available.