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Trivium Connect FAQ

How do I sign up for a Connect class?
K-8th graders should order through the Curriculum Ordering process. If you need help, please contact your curriculum advisor:

AT: Michelle Gaudi
AG: Josh Ronquillo
LPC: Cortney Lorca
SB: Jane Soto
SM: Danielle Baker

9th-12th graders should contact Ginelle Libby to order.

Can I still sign up for a class if we can't attend at the scheduled times?

Connect Math and English classes are designed to be attended three days a week (depending on subject) by the student during the live session.  This will provide the student all of the benefits of the class - much like ACE days are designed to be attended 2 days a week.  ACE-Connect classes are live one day per week. In ACE-Connect you may choose to attend virtually or to not attend live and just complete the work.

We are recording the sessions because, as we know, life happens from time to time.  Connect sessions will have interactive components, live group discussions, watching the class after the fact on the recording will not be the same experience for the student but it does allow the student to see and hear the content that was covered.  

If a student routinely misses a session every week because of a conflicting commitment and the student is able to watch, learn and stay on pace with the class from the recorded session, then that schedule clearly works for that student and family.  

The student may be assigned 'solo' work or an alternative assignment if they are missing large amounts of participation time.  Each teacher will arrange that given the situation.  But what if the student is routinely missing sessions and not able to keep up either because the recording doesn't provide the interaction they need to learn or the student is not watching the recordings?  This scenario describes a student that is not making appropriate progress and we will need to figure out an alternative path that may include a commitment to attending the live sessions or using a different program that delivers the instruction in an on-demand format.  

Our online classroom platform does have apps for phone and tablets, so it is possible for your student to attend class from anywhere if they have internet access.

How do I know which class to choose for my child?

We have placement tests that should be taken to ensure the best placement is made. Here is a guide to selecting the appropriate placement test:


At-Grade-Level students:

4th: Preparatory Math 4th Grade Readiness
5th: Preparatory Math 5th Grade Readiness
6th: Math A Readiness
7th: Math B Readiness
8th: Math C / Pre-Algebra Readiness
Completed Pre-Algebra: Algebra Readiness
Completed Algebra 1: Algebra 2 or Geometry Readiness

If you are unsure which placement test to start with, it is best to start with the higher-level test you think your student may be ready for.

Students who do not place neatly into one of our classes due to mixed skills can be served best in Connect Mastery Math 1 or 2, or Algebra Mastery.


At Grade Level students:

(These tests are all similar, with the exception of the writing sample at the end. Please follow the directions for your writing prompt.)

4th: Preparatory English Readiness test
5th: Preparatory English Readiness test
6th: English A, B, C Readiness test
7th: English A, B, C Readiness test
8th: English A, B, C Readiness test

If we sign up for a Connect English class do we need to order additional spelling and grammar curriculum?

Spelling will be covered, as well as all other strands of Language Arts. If you would like to spend more focus on spelling, you may order additional Spelling curriculum.

Can I see examples of the curriculum?

English Courses

Connect English courses use a combination of units from CommonLit (English A, B, C)Accelerate Education (Prep English 4 and 5), and teacher-created literature units. 

Math Courses

Connect Math courses use:

Prep Math 4, Prep Math 5, Mastery Math 1 and 2Zearn

Math A, B, C Illustrative MathManeuvering the Middle 

Algebra 1:  Illustrative MathManeuvering the MiddleDiscovery Math Techbooks 

Algebra 2 and GeometryUC Scout 

Algebra Mastery:  ThinkwellTeaching TextbooksAleks Algebra 

ACE Courses

ACE teachers use the same teacher-created lessons used during the regular ACE days, adapted for online.

How much time will my child spend each week on a Connect class?

For Connect Math or Language Arts classes there are three live class sessions per week, each 60 minutes long for a total of 3 hours/wk.

The amount of time spent outside of class will vary widely by student personality, ability, and focus.

On average, students can expect to spend about the following amount of time per week on their Connect Math or English classes.

4th-5th: 3 hours in class, 1-2 hours outside of class
6th-8th: 3 hours in class, 2-3 hours outside of class
9th-12th: 3 hours in class, 2-4 hours outside of class