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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trivium Charter School have any religious affiliation?

No, Trivium Charter School is a public school. It is not religiously affiliated. Our schools are often located in church facilities as they have classroom facilities available to rent.

Can I really homeschool my child if I have never done it before?

Absolutely! There are resources readily available to provide support. We offer virtual classes and study hall for homeschool subjects that are available for student's in 4th Grade and above. You will have access to a Homeschool Coordinator, your student’s teacher, school staff, plus help in parent meetings. We have built a community that allows everyone to be successful.

Is there a fee for attending Trivium Charter School?

Trivium Charter School is a free, public school. There is no tuition!

What if English is my or my child’s second language?

Families that experience English as a Second Language (ESL) are very successful homeschooling. We have support for anyone facing challenges! Please come in to one of centers, call or email us and we will be happy to explain all the ways we can provide support in order for you and your student to be successful.

How are the classes organized?

The classes are generally divided into split level classes. This allows students to be bound less by their age and more by their academic needs. We work with each family to decide where your student will excel. If changes ever need to be made the staff and teachers at Trivium Charter School are happy to work with you to find the best fit.

How many students are in each class?

Our classes are generally under 25 students, with the exception of dual classrooms where the class has two teachers present in relation to class size (this is more common for 6th grade and above). Class size will also depend on enrollment and on the needs of the students.

How do I know what’s happening during the ACE days?

Every week before your student’s ACE days, their teacher will email an agenda for the week. The agenda will list topics that will be covered in your student’s class that week. It will also let you know if there are any special materials you student needs to bring to class. The teachers at Trivium Charter School recognize that you are your student’s primary teacher and they always work to ensure that you know what is happening on school days. And of course, you’re welcome to arrange to volunteer at school to see firsthand what’s going on.

Do the students' have to bring their own lunch?

We recommend bringing a lunch to school, but we offer free breakfast and lunch to all students regardless of income. Any questions regarding this can be sent to your Learning Center Coordinator.

What is taught in history and science?

We follow a four-year cycle of history and science, which is followed by most classical curriculums. History and science are paired up into the following segments: 1) Ancient History & Biology, 2) Medieval History & Earth Science/Astronomy, 3) Early Modern History & Chemistry 4) Modern History & Physics. History and Science are taught primarily through hands on projects.

What literature is used?

Literature used in classroom is linked to the period of history being covered. We integrate a combination of nonfiction and fiction books with most being well known classics. We invite parents to request titles in advance if they would like to read along with the books assigned that year.

What is the typical amount of homework to expect?

There is no daily homework given in 5th grade and under. Occasionally, students will have projects or presentations that they work on at home and then present in class or need to finish an in class assignment at home. In 6th grade and up, students will have homework assigned that is necessary for further understanding of a topic being discussed in class or give supplemental information that directly correlates with the project or discussion for the next class. Some common assignments include: literature reading, complete a role sheet to be discussed at a literature circle group, writing assignments, and research notes. There is also occasional projects that will need to be continued at home if class time doesn't allow for completion. Homework is assigned only to benefit the student in class, there is absolutely no homework for homework’s sake.

Do I have to submit work samples from home?

Yes. We have eight learning periods a year where each student must bring in two Language Arts and two Math samples each learning period. In addition, a Daily Engagement log is required which will list one thing for each home learning day. An example entry would look like, "Math: Saxon Math 2 lesson #84 Finding the Area of a Square."  

What is the behavior contract?

The behavior contract states that students will participate, be respectful, make good choices, and spells out specific behaviors such as appropriate language and good conduct. Character development is an important aspect of a Classical education.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. Students and parents will sign the dress code policy at enrollment. The dress code includes  proper fitting clothes (no baggy pants that may fall down), shorts and skirts that reach reasonable length (extend past fingertips when arm is at side), no overly dramatic makeup or hair, etc. 

How are disciplinary issues handled?

Students are encouraged to treat each other with respect and there is clear communication from the staff members about acceptable and unacceptable behavior. If a student is doing something unacceptable, the behavior is corrected with a reminder that the behavior being exhibited is unacceptable. Parents are involved in any discipline issue that isn’t quickly resolved and a behavior modification plan will be put in place. This may include a written statement, essay by the student, some form of restitution, restriction from an activity, or temporary restriction from ACE days.  

Do students have to participate in state testing?

Yes. State testing is a requirement for all public schools. We encourage our students to do their best and work to promptly complete testing so we can continue to our regularly scheduled classes.

Does Trivium Charter School require me to use a specific curriculum at home?

At Trivium Charter School, personalization is crucial to our students' success. Families partner with a Curriculum Advisor to create a personalized learning plan (PLP) for their student(s), selecting from a list of school-approved, standards-based curriculum options. Only Trivium-issued curriculum may be included in a student's PLP and used as work samples, though parents may supplement with other materials independently at home. 

Is there a PTA?

Trivium has a PACE groups (Parents of ACE). PACE groups meet at each learning center at least twice a year to help support Trivium.

Are there parent meetings?

Yes. We have optional parent meetings that meet on a regular basis. We are glad to have parent involvement and work to maintain open communication between students, parents, and staff.

Are parents allowed to volunteer?

Absolutely! Parents are welcome to volunteer. Teachers are delighted to have classroom help and there are volunteer opportunities school-wide. Contact your Learning Center Coordinator to see how you can get involved. 

Do we have field trips?

Parents are welcome to organize field trips. However, since in person classes are only twice a week, we do not recommend taking school days off for field trips. There is a Facebook page for parents where outings and get-togethers are posted. This Facebook group is private and only for currently enrolled families.