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Trivium Charter School

students playing on playground
students with teacher
students in classroom
students showing off their artwork

Trivium Charter Student Learner Outcomes

Trivium Charter School students will be:

Critical Thinkers who…

  • Analyze and evaluate information critically
  • Think with depth and complexity
  • Solve problems innovatively

Global Minded Individuals who…

  • Understand and appreciate diversity
  • Apply skills and knowledge to the broader world
  • Possess a refined global awareness

Life Long Learners who…

  • Continually acquire knowledge and demonstrate proficiency
  • Strive to adapt to a changing society
  • Value education

Responsible Citizens who…

  • Work cooperatively to accomplish common goals
  • Respect and support family and community
  • Act with integrity

Modern Communicators who…

  • Listen reflectively
  • Speak and write with a sense of purpose
  • Use technology as a communication tool