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First Time Parent Canvas Setup



1. Help your student complete "First Time Student Canvas Setup" if they haven't already. You need their pairing code they will get.

(If you are signed as your student when you click this link, sign out of Canvas and then click it again so that you can set up your Parent Account.)
2. When you get there Click on “Parent of a Canvas user? Click here for an account.”
3. Enter your name, email address, create a password, and then paste or type in the pairing code for one of your students and click “Start Participating”.
4. What if you have more kids? You will need to get each child's pairing code. Then after completing the above steps for your first kid, you can add the rest by following the steps here: How do I add a second or third or more students?


Canvas Setup for Parents

There are two critical steps to complete after creating your parent account and linking to your student.


Step 1: Click here to join the Parent Circle area:

  • Click "Enroll in Course"
  • Then click "Go to course".
  • Finally, within the course go to People > Groups and click JOIN to join the group for your center.

Step 2: Set up Notifications
Add your cell phone number as another email address.

  • In your parent account, click on Account > Settings.
  • Click “+ Contact Method” in the “Other Contacts” section.
  • Enter your cell number, select your carrier. Your “SMS Email” will be displayed. Highlight and copy this email address.
  • Click “Register SMS”. You will receive a text message. Click the link or enter the code to verify. 
  • IMPORTANT FINAL STEP!!! Under Ways to Contact, click “+ Email Address”. Paste in the text message email address that you copied.  Click “Register Email”. You will receive another text notification to verify. This makes your text phone number available to receive *any* notifications you choose.


All parents must set the Global Announcements option (very bottom of list) to send immediately to both email addresses, including the text number. You can add additional numbers if you like.


Any emergency announcements or center closures will be announced via Canvas Global Announcements.


Center-specific announcements will be 


Class and Grade Notifications

  • Click the banner that says “Notification Preferences.” If you do not see the banner, click on Account > Notifications.
  • Check the box at the top that says “Show name of observed students in notifications” if you have more than one student at Trivium.
  • You can decide which notifications you would like to receive. To change how and when you receive notifications for each type of setting, just click on one of the options.