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We have three children at Trivium Charter. One is currently in 7th grade and the younger are in 1st and 2nd grade. Our children have been attending Trivium since they started school in Kindergarten. Trivium has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our children to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in these areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. Beyond the core education that our children receive, so important to their experience is the environment where this is achieved. Before Covid, classes were small and the education was personal. In the current environment, Trivium still manages to achieve and maintain this quality of education. I am sure this will return once the crisis has passed. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. Trivium provides high-quality education, in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth, and development.” We are proud to be a Trivium Charter family.


-Trivium Parent


Trivium has been a great experience for our kids, and even for the whole family. The teachers provide great hands on activities in the process of learning various topics, even during the season of distance learning. There is great support through teachers, curriculum coordinator, and even other parents! During the time of the pandemic, our children have not missed a beat in their education thanks to the hard work, dedication, flexibility, and great attitudes of their teachers. As the time frame of virtual learning continued, our family appreciated Trivium’s willingness to gain input from parents, adapt to kids and parents various needs, and to continue providing a quality education. As parents, we have seen our kids grow exponentially and enjoy learning, through both the homeschool learnings and ACE Days (and both in the classroom and in virtual learning). Overall, we are incredibly thankful and honored to be a part of this wonderful school!   


-Trivium Parent


When my son transferred to Trivium at the beginning of third grade, he was, frankly, scared of school.  As a student with autism at a traditional school, he had been bullied and misunderstood, and as a bright learner he'd been bored.  Trivium has been a much more positive experience--the hybrid homeschool/classroom environment suits him perfectly, giving him both the chance to hone his social skills through interaction with other students and teachers, and the chance to decompress between those highly social days.  Additionally, being able to tailor a curriculum to his needs has meant that we can work on grade level in math and several grade levels ahead in language arts, eliminating his boredom and building on the skills and talents he has, which is critical for anyone's success but particularly for the success of students with autism.  Teachers (shout out especially to Mrs. Bunch!) have been incredibly supportive of his unique gifts while helping him to push through his challenges, and other staff members and students have by and large accepted him and appreciated his contributions.  While we still of course have our bumpy moments, he is much more positive overall about his status as a learner, member of the school community, and friend than he was prior to enrolling at Trivium.  We are very grateful to have found a school to support and challenge our unique child.


-Trivium Parent


Trivium charter school has been a great mix between homeschool and going  back to full time school. I get to attend class two days a week and then I work from home the other three days. I am a military kid and started homeschooling in the 4th grade due to multiple moves and not being able to always attend a good school.The teachers and staff at Trivium are awesome and always there to help with problems. When COVID hit in March and we went to online school they knew what to do because they offered a few subjects online already. We didn’t have to waste any school days and within a week or two we were doing online very easily. I am a very social person and love school so it was hard, but the teachers made the best of it. They made the classes fun and interactive, even if we weren’t really there. They were able to make the best of a bad situation. 

I was disappointed to need to start virtual school  again this year but Trivium teachers were prepared with everything they needed for us to do class online. The school had spent the summer changing to a better format and it's much easier to use and not so many technical issues.  We do group activities and discussions, as we would in class. The teachers are always willing to help with projects and school work when approached. They take a usually stressful environment and make it fun.  Trivium provides me with a great education and I am glad I have the opportunity to go here.


-Trivium Student


Trivium has been a great choice for my daughter. She began last year for 7th grade and I have been so pleased with the balance of in-class and at-home learning, the way her teachers have worked with her and supported her best learning (rather than simply completing curriculum). The opportunity to choose a math curriculum that best fits my daughter’s needs and provide individualized instruction has made a huge difference in her math progress. The difference between this and her typical public grade school math experience (including SAI) has been night and day! The teachers and staff go above and beyond to be inclusive and support optimal learning for each child.


-Trivium Parent

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Thank you Mrs. Nations! Also, a big round of applause to our admin / tech!



Mr. Salazar is apparently not able to be tagged but his lessons manage to make even rigorous content relevant and engaging.

So impressed.



Oh my word, this is Mrs. Williams with the K/1 class! She is amazing with the little ones! Kudos! All of our Trivium teachers are doing a great job of keeping kids engaged and supported. Thank you!



Mrs. Frakes is a rock star! She’s doing an amazing job of providing hands on experiences in various lessons. And she has the highest level of patience as navigating a virtual classroom full of K/1st graders is not an easy task, yet she manages it with grace and kindness consistently.



Mrs Frakes is amazzzzing!!



Mrs. Lawson deserves applause! Her lessons are always engaging. I’ve never seen my kid speak up for herself so much. She’s always so patient, both with the kiddos and ME! 



We love Mrs.Torres



We love Ms.Weingart and Mrs.Anderson! They’re going above and beyond this year especially to keep our kids engaged and learning.



Ms. Niemann is such an amazing teacher! Her heart and soul for her students and parents makes her exemplary! Well done, Ms. Niemann



We love Ms. Alakel! She’s amazing at keeping the little ones engaged and excited about learning! And Ms.Yerzy’s patience, guidance with technology, teaching & building confidence in my 3rd grader helps my 3rd graders independence!

Mr.Charlesworth and Mr. Munn deserve applause!


All of the Trivium teachers, can’t name just one. Grateful for each of you, past and present.