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First Time Student Canvas Setup

As a student, you will need to Log In, and then join the 21.22 Student Circle course:

1. Click the Teachers and Students:Teachers and Students
2. Click the “Teachers and Students” log in link on that page.
3. Log in with your student’s Trivium school email and password (“Login with Google”). If you do not know your student’s Trivium email or password, submit a help ticket.
4.  Navigate to the new Student Circle course:
Click "Enroll in Course".
5. Go to Account > Settings (top left of page).
6. Find and click the “Pair with observer” button. It may be on the right side of Settings, or on the bottom, depending on the size of your screen.
7. Copy the code given. Pay attention to lowercase and capitals. Paste it somewhere, or write it down so you don’t lose it!
Note: After the initial setup, you can generate a pairing code any time by following steps 5-7 above after logging into Canvas.  Each pairing code can only be use ONE TIME. You will need a new one for each parent account.
8. Log out of Canvas.
Your Canvas account is now set up. When school starts you will see all of your classes, including a Building with Canvas training course that will teach you how to use Canvas.