The basics of Trivium Charter School

Upon hearing that Trivium is a Personalized Learning Public Charter School, families often have questions about what that means and how Trivium creates a personalized learning experience for each student. We hope this article explains how we operate, but please do not hesitate to email with any questions you may have. You are also welcome to contact us at 805-291-9110 for assistance.

In general, at no cost to parents or students, we provide a personalized plan that is tailored to the needs, interests, and goals of every student by providing choice and flexibility in how, what, when, where, and with whom each student learns. It’s a personalized plan for every student and developed in conjunction with the family.  We provide choices that can be matched to each student based on the student’s current mastery of each subject.  We work closely and collaboratively with our parents and students in developing and refining each student’s personalized plan to help guide each of our students to succeed.

Most families choose to send their children to ACE Days (A Classical Experience). ACE Days are 2 days each week filled with engaging, project and classical-based lessons which occur at each of our five learning centers. Currently, we offer ACE Days on Tuesday and Thursday at our Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Lompoc Learning Centers and on Wednesday and Friday at our Arroyo Grande and Atascadero Learning Centers. ACE Days are filled with lessons in history, science, critical thinking, debate, memorization, art, music, literature, group projects, and events like our Science Expo, Classical Showcase, Journey across the Oregon Trail or to Ellis Island, math talks, social/emotional learning, and fun! Math and Language arts subjects are completed on Non-ACE Days.

We work with the family to determine what type of instructional delivery methods will work best for them. Students can accomplish their coursework with our credentialed teachers on ACE Days and, for those in grades 6 and up, with our credentialed teachers in a virtual classroom experience on their Non-ACE Days (there is also a language arts class for grades 4 and 5 in a virtual classroom).  As our Connect program grows, we will be providing more live, virtual classrooms for more subjects and grade levels.

For those students whose families are hesitant about homeschooling, there are also online curriculum options that will facilitate the student’s math, language arts, and elective classes by providing the instruction and grading in the coursework.  With all the options we offer for home-based education, online classes, ACE Days, project-based learning activities, tutoring, UC a-g courses, community college classes, and textbooks, we provide a flexible and adaptable model that allows for truly personalized learning for each student.