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Trivium’s mission is to offer the best combination of homeschooling, classroom experience and personalized learning. Trivium focuses on creating an engaging school experience whether your student is in the classroom or at home. Trivium wants your student(s) to enjoy learning while mastering foundational and critical thinking skills. This equips our students with the tools to be successful at whatever they choose to do in their future.

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Trivium is a hybrid model that serves students by combining an engaging homeschool and classroom experience. Trivium follows the Classical Education model which allows students to experience hands-on learning while focusing on historical time periods and science. TK-6th grade students will focus on grade level Math, Language Arts, Physical Education and electives at home while the in-person classes focus on History, Science, Practical Math, Art, Music, and Social Clubs. Our middle school/junior high students add in the study of Logic/critical thinking.  And, our high school students follow the required California coursework within a Classical Education framework. 
COVID-19 Alterations to Trivium’s Model: 
We have altered our model to give your family a few different options to create the best scenario that fits your families’ need  for Distance Learning. Students will spend anywhere from one hour to six hours a week on live online classes on our virtual platform. Please contact our enrollment team for further information of the choices available.

Program Options

High School and Distance Learning Program

Trivium Charter is a WASC accredited school that offers a personalized, hands-on approach to high school and career readiness, including college prep courses and career pathways. Students can choose a particular area of study to focus on for real world experience. Through a combination of ACE day classes, Trivium Connect classes, web-based classes, local community college classes and other electives, students may engage in their studies in a program that they develop. Trivium students can design their high school program to fit their unique interests and needs while meeting the prerequisites for their future plans. We offer student-centered options to meet every learning style and personality. We will meet with you to design a course of study with your individual interests and goals in mine.

Student Leadership Program

Trivium’s Student Leadership Program for the 6th-12th graders is a club that focuses on leadership lessons, leading school events, gaining associate student body experience and helping students start building their resume at a young age! There is a Student Leadership Club at all five of Trivium’s locations. Even though there are up to 107 miles between our centers, we connect all the clubs on a live video chat to help create student relationships. The Student Leadership Club is taught through various types of leadership curriculum like TedTalk books, TedTalk videos, successful companies and entrepreneurs, leadership books, event planning and much more!

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