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Trivium Charter School

teacher presenting information to class
students with Japanese Theatre masks
girl creating chalk art on pavement

i Madonnari Festival at Trivium Charter School

two male students collaborating on school work

Relaxed High School Students at Trivium

dark room, students wearing glow sticks in talent show act

Students Dancing in the Dark at Trivium's Talent Show

One small portion of our annual curriculum sorting event

One small section of our Curriculum Sort (this event takes up an entire Gymnasium)

Orientations for New and Returning Families

Hello Trivium Families,


Our annual orientations are upon us! This is an exciting day of wrapping up the enrollment process, receiving the Non-ACE Day curriculum and materials for your students, and having your first conference with your students’ Trivium teachers. Orientation is important as this is when we accomplish the last of the paperwork necessary to have your students fully enrolled and have your first meeting with your student(s) teacher(s). While we very much hope you can join us for your Learning Center's Orientation, we do understand that things can (and do) come up, or that you may have something already scheduled. To accommodate these instances, make-up orientations will be arranged at each center. Please let your Center Coordinator know if you will need to schedule a make-up orientation.


If you are enrolling new students, please bring each student’s:


1) Birth Certificate


2) Current immunization records (if your student is not fully vaccinated according to the recommended schedule, please bring documentation showing which vaccinations they do have, or inform us if they do not have any).


3) Proof of Residency. Proof of Residency must show family name and physical address of Residency. This should be one of the following:

  • ​ ​Current utility bill (if using a phone bill, it must be for a landline please)
    Recent Mortgage Bill
    Recent letter from a Government Agency (not the DMV)
    Recent Rent Receipt or Lease/Rental Agreement

******If you are a returning family who has had a change of address, please bring in an updated proof of residency.


If you have students entering the seventh grade, and you have complied with the recommended vaccine schedule, please remember to bring documentation showing that they have received their DTaP booster.


Please bring your students with you, as this is a wonderful opportunity to meet their teacher and fellow students. Childcare will be provided.