• Employment Trivium is expanding! We are looking for teachers with Single Subjects, Multiple Subjects or Special Education credentials. Please send a Cover Letter and Resume by May 4, 2014 to employment@triviumcharter.org. Read more
  • Parent Update We are working towards an agreement with our new locations for classroom use, etc…. as well as adding some space to our current locations. For everyone in Atascadero and Arroyo Grande waiting to hear – hang tight! We are opening up more spaces based on the growth in Santa Barbara County. The growth in Santa ... Read more
  • Petition Update Thank you for the amazing show of support at the Lucia Mar school district board meeting! It is disappointing that LMUSD voted to deny the petition but not completely unexpected. We have a couple of different options to continue the petition process and I will post the updates here. In the meantime, all is not ... Read more
  • PACE – Parents of ACE We are establishing a PACE group at each site.  PACE stands for Parents of ACE.  This is a small commitment (I promise!) – there will be only two scheduled meetings a year – one in the Fall semester and one in the Spring semester.  Other committees may spring from this group but that is solely ... Read more
  • Update on growth and expansion 2014/2015 There are many questions about how the second charter benefits Trivium and how we are prioritizing the expansion.  Trivium is wrapping up it’s third year of operation and is entering into another exciting phase. Whether you are current Trivium family, a future Trivium family or a member of the community who believes in school choice, please ... Read more